Smart Thermostats

Professional Smart Thermostat Installation in the Asheville, Black Mountain North Carolina Areas

Have you been wondering what a smart thermostat can do for your energy bills? You’re not alone. At ALL WAYS Heating and Air, we’ve been professionally installing smart thermostats since they came on the market. Not only can they sense humidity levels, you can also adjust various programs to help you sleep better at night and have your home just the way you like it in the morning. Plus, our technician will work with you to understand how to utilize a smartphone or tablet to adjust your comfort. At ALL WAYS heating and air, we also offer an array of smart thermostats and humidity sensors.

Smart Thermostats Asheville, North Carolina

You may be wondering why some thermostats are smart and others are not. Well, if a thermostat is connected to Wi-Fi, then it’s considered smart. Although, it’s important to note that even a standard thermostat will help you save money if you keep your temperature adjusted properly. However, it’s a neat feature to set it and forget it and save money! But again, it also depends on your HVAC system and how efficiently it runs. So, these devices can help you save and are extremely convenient. The Department of Energy estimates about 10 percent of your heating and cooling bills.

How Do I Know Which Smart Thermostat to Pick?

At ALL WAYS Heating and Air, we’ll help you select a thermostat that is right for you, your system, and your home or business. We provide consultation with you about the features you need, want, and what type of schedules may be needed. Plus, we know what will work best with your HVAC system.

What can you expect from ALL WAYS Heating and Air?

  • A complete quote for the thermostat and installation.
  • Our NC-licensed HVAC technicians will explain all the features and show you how to interact with your new smart thermostat.
  • The ALL WAYS Heating and Air customer care team will follow up with you to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction and check in to see if you need any additional training.

Have a specific question regarding smart thermostats or need a quote?

Feel free to reach out to ALL WAYS and speak with a professional HVAC technician today.