Why are HVAC Coils So Important?

There are two sets of HVAC coils and yes, they are at the very heart of your HVAC system. One is located outside and one is inside. These do vary based on the make and model of your HVAC system.

What does each coil do exactly?

The evaporator coil is located indoors and works alongside your air handling unit. The evaporator pulls heat from the air to cool it in the summer. And, in the winter, it adds heat to the air to warm it. Think of this as a heat exchanger, and to cool the air, it utilizes refrigerant through copper tubing. Finally, when air is being pushed over the tubing, it gets cool.

The condenser coil regulates the temperature of the refrigerant. Although this coil is located in the outside HVAC unit, it enables the temperature of the refrigerant to circulate back to the evaporator coil and releases any warm air outside.

HVAC Coils

Should I replace my coils?

With many years of service, coils can start to break down and erode. Because coils can erode, they can become cracked and will start to leak refrigerate. This is typically when people start to notice higher energy bills. It’s bad for your wallet, the environment, and it will eventually cause a large repair. It may be best to replace the entire coil. If you have noticed signs of warm air coming through your vents or taking a while to cool, chances are you have a damaged coil.

At ALL WAYS Heating and Air, we can provide a replacement for HVAC coils.

What can you expect from ALL WAYS Heating and Air?

  • Our NC-licensed HVAC technicians assess your situation.
  • You will be given a complete quote with parts, labor, and installation.
  • The ALL WAYS Heating and Air technician will take before photos and after photos. We will also show you the damaged part.
  • The ALL WAYS Heating and Air customer care team will follow up with you to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction and that you’re comfortable with the work provided.

Have a specific question regarding HVAC coils or need a quote?

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