Heat Pump

Professional Heat Pump Installation in Asheville, Hendersonville, and Black Mountain Areas

Here at ALL WAYS Heating and Air, we professionally install heat pumps within the western North Carolina region. We’re all the time getting questions about if a heat pump is right or not for Asheville or Black Mountain areas. The answer is a resounding yes. Not only are they a good fit for this area, but they are super-efficient and can save money on your electric bill.

Save More

Plus, Duke Power has rebates available for energy-efficient heat pumps. To learn how much you can save, go to Duke Power or contact us to discuss.

Heat Pump - Asheville, NC

How does a heat pump work?

Heat pumps are more efficient in that they transfer heat versus generated. This makes them quite efficient in operating cost. In basic terms, a heat pump extracts heat from the surrounding air. Heat pumps are located outside of your home or place of business and work much like a typical AC unit. During the summer, it pulls heat out of your home and transfers it back outside. It does the opposite during the winter months. These efficient HVAC systems use refrigerant to provide comfort—just like an AC unit. The only difference is the way that it generates air.

Another benefit to homeowners or businesses is that there isn’t a need for two units. These HVAC systems can be coupled with an additional heating coil or a furnace for colder climates such as some western North Carolina areas. If you need a new heat pump or need a heat pump repair, give us a call.

Thinking of getting a heat pump for your home or place of business or need to replace an older unit?

ALL WAYS Heating and Air provides the following services:
  • Our NC-licensed HVAC technicians will come and do an assessment and discuss options for your needs.
  • ALL WAYS technicians will include a complete quote, which will include the labor, installation, heating unit, and any additional parts that are needed.
  • We’ll check with you before we leave to make sure that everything has been installed to your satisfaction.
  • We will remove the old system if there is one and clean the area before we leave.
  • The ALL WAYS Heating and Air customer care team will follow up with you to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction and that you’re comfortable with the work provided.

Have a specific question regarding furnace for your home or residence in Asheville or surrounding areas?

Feel free to reach out to ALL WAYS and speak with a professional HVAC technician today.