Ductless HVAC / Mini-Split Systems

What are Ductless HVAC systems and why are they popular within the Asheville and Black Mountain areas?

A ductless AC or heating system is also known as a mini-split or multi-split HVAC system. These units are popular throughout western North Carolina. You’ll find them in older historic homes and renovations within the Asheville, Black Mountain, and Woodfin areas. However, these units control a limited space or zones. Although, a mini-split can handle a fairly large zone or square foot per zone. A ductless HVAC system is perfect for homes that have been remodeled, additions, or perhaps a workshop, etc. The ALL WAYS Heating and Air team is a Diamond Elite Contractor for Mitsubishi ductless mini-split systems. However, we can service any brand or model.

How does a ductless system work?

A ductless system works similarly to a traditional indoor / outdoor heat pump. The refrigerant runs through conduit lines that connect to an indoor air handler. Depending on the size of your system or solution, multiple lines may be part of your solution. The air handler mounts inside and circulates the cooled or heated airflow. The air then circulates back outside where the refrigerant is added and repeats the cycle.

Ductless systems or mini-split HVAC systems work like a normal air conditioning or heating unit in that you have a thermostat, and you can set the unit to the temperature that you desire. While it is true that some units only cool, here in Asheville, Black Mountain, and surrounding areas, we install units that heat and cool to the temperature you desire. Furthermore, ductless AC and heating units are extremely efficient given that there is no ductwork to leak cool or warm air. These units can save on your energy bill and make that new living addition truly comfortable.

What Can You Expect from the ALL WAYS Heating & Air Team?

Our technicians have licenses in NC for HVAC, and they will come and inspect your home or place of business. Plus, we’ll take a look at where you want your ductless mini-split system and discuss any issues that we might find. ALL WAYS technicians will include a complete cost of installation, labor, and the product. Also, we’ll check with you before we leave to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction. We will remove the old system, if there is one, and clean the area before we leave. Finally, the ALL WAYS Heating and Air customer care team will follow up with you to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction and that you’re comfortable with the work that we do.

Ductless AC Mini-Split System Indoor, Asheville, NC
Ductless AC Mini-Split System Outdoor, Asheville, NC

Have a specific question regarding ductless HVAC systems?

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