HeatingDecember 12, 2023

Should I Consider a Heat Pump in Asheville?

Not sure if a heat pump is right for your home?

Will a heat pump really heat my home in Asheville or western North Carolina? It’s a question that the All Ways Heating and Air team gets often. It’s also one that we’re happy to answer. While older heat pumps weren’t always the best option for colder climates, newer heat pumps from brands like American Standard or Trane can do the job and are incredibly energy efficient.

How cold can a heat pump handle?

While performance will vary depending on many factors, certain models can work at -22 degrees F according to American Standard. To properly specify a heat pump for Asheville and the surrounding areas, you should account for extreme conditions. In western North Carolina, temperatures range from the single digits in a severe cold snap and over 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. And of course, every temperature in between.

People ask all the time about what the cheapest way is to heat and cool their home. Here in Asheville, NC, and surrounding areas, the answer is typically a heat pump. Heat pumps are super-efficient because they exchange air versus generating heat. The movement of air in the warmer months will allow the flow of cooler air into your home and vice versa in the cooler months. That process is a lot cheaper than utilizing a gas-powered furnace or boiler that never converts 100% of its energy source into heat. There is always some loss of efficiency even with the most sophisticated models on the market. According to the US Department of Energy, a typical homeowner can save up to $948 per year as compared to oil heat and about $498 when compared to traditional electric heating. This savings is estimated for colder climates, so here in western North Carolina, heat pumps make a great choice for those who want a truly efficient HVAC system and save on their yearly energy bill.